Portable Fire Suppression

Fire is one of the most damaging catastrophes that can befall a business or home, and fire suppression is often one of the first things a business owner needs to think about. Unfortunately, not all offices or other business locations are as simple as a building with adequate power, water, and sprinkler systems available to protect itself. At times, the space in need of fire protection is remote, with little or no water and possibly no electrical power, making the installation and operation of a standard, water-based sprinkler system out of the question. A portable, stand alone fire suppression system is what is needed in this case. Cease Fire has addressed this unique problem many times, and manufactures a fire suppression product that makes what can seem a daunting problem simple: the CFF-800.

The CFF-800 has multiple claims to fame when contrasted with a standard sprinkler system method of fire suppression. Its portable nature is one of its greatest assets. Each unit is pre-engineered, stand alone and always available for relocation at any time. Because the CFF-800 unit does not require pipes or wires in order to function, it can be used as a truly portable fire suppression unit. Each CFF-800 unit is installed into the space in need of fire protection by the simple mounting flange included with the fire extinguishing unit. Once the flange is mounted, the unit is simply threaded into the flange, and is ready for twenty four hour protection of the space. When the fire suppression unit needs maintenance or needs to be moved, it is simply unscrewed from the mounting flange, and another unit can be threaded in place, or the entire mounting flange can be uninstalled and installed in a completely new location. Hence, the designation of “portable fire suppression” is indicative of one of the CFF-800’s most useful qualities.

In addition to being portable, the CFF-800 is ideal for uses in areas that contain items of a vulnerable nature: chemical storage places, electronic devices, computers, paper records, anything that may be damaged with the use of conventional, water-based sprinkler systems. The CFF-800 uses DuPont’s FE-227 gas combined with an ABC powder to extinguish fires in four to five seconds---and is completely harmless to the contents of the protected space. This dual agent is Factory Mutual (FM) approved, as well as approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and is therefore proven to be effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

Cease Fire could not have gained the respect and business of companies like LTV Steel, Intel, Honeywell, the London Underground, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), without being at the forefront of the fire suppression industry. With sales numbering 1,000,000 hand held portable units, as well as 25,000 automatic fire suppression units, it’s no surprise that Cease Fire’s client list keeps growing. In fact, currently, Cease Fire is negotiating with the U.S. Government in order to place Cease Fire technology onboard the new DD-221 “zumwalt” class ships. You’ll find that Cease Fire distributors are concerned with conducting business in accordance with ethical values, striving to maintain a friendly, fair, and creative environment that respects the ideas, hard work, self worth, and dignity of employee and customer. We are dedicated to the business of protecting lives and property. Let us help you protect yours.

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